Best Places for Photography in Turkey

Turkey is a country situated on two continents that’s to say Europe and Asia.

But the question is? Is it safe to travel to turkey as foreigners?

The answer is Istanbul is a major city as safe as New York, Madrid or Berlin and it’s surprising that in new york there is more political unrest than there is in turkey which some people brand as one of the dangerous country to travel to.

Turkey is one of those places where you will come across plenty of places that is worth capturing. These places in Turkey can be an ideal spot for photographers to get creative with their cameras. Even if you narrow down the number of places, it’s going to take you at least three weeks to cover all of these places. Well, such is the beauty of Turkey. If you are planning your next holiday to Turkey, make sure that you visit all of the places that are mentioned in the list below. The mentioned places are just perfect destinations for photography in Turkey. You should also check out some Turkey photography tips on the internet. This will give you an idea about the kind of shots you can take at the mentioned places.


It’s probably almost a little bit silly to point out Istanbul. I mean, it’s pretty obvious.  Not only is Istanbul one of the best places to photograph in Turkey, it’s likely one of the best cities in the world for photography.  The shots in the city will all be fairly urban, but there’s a variety to the style of shots you can get here regardless.

My favourite places in Istanbul to photograph are:

  • The Blue Mosque

image from
  • The Grand Bazaar
image from

  • Galata Bridge
image from
  • Hagia Sofia
You can also come across a lot of other places as well, so make sure that you have plenty of time in hand. Photographing the whole of Istanbul in one whole day is simply not possible. You need to at least stay here for a week or so in order to cover all of the beautiful places in Istanbul.

Take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

A bucket list experience for travel in Turkey, sunrise in Cappadocia is magical. Outside of Istanbul, Cappadocia is likely the best place in the country to shoot photography.  It’s such a cool spot.  And, not only are the landscapes amazing, but the fact that each morning the sky fills with dozens of balloons makes it unreal.

Here are some sample images from Cappadocia.

Sunrise with the hot air balloons at the Panoramic View Point

Take a walk in Pamukkale

Pamukkale is one of the most interesting places in all of Turkey.  I will be quite honest in saying though that it is much more difficult to photograph than it appears.  It’s just white on white, and that’s very difficult to capture.  It is a brilliant location, though, and don’t get stuck on the geological site itself too much.  The Hierapolis Ruins, which are also in the park, are quite beautiful and do photograph well.  Also, don’t miss out on the Ancient pool.

If you’re not in a dare-devil mood, the Pamukkale thermal pools are the unicorn of natural national parks. Translating from Turkish to “cotton castles,” these white terraces mirage as snow glaciers, but are actually deposits of calcium carbonate.

The geological site at Pamukkalel, Turkey


Here at this place, you can find a large variety of things to shoot. It can be said that this location serves as one of the best spots for photography. there was a much larger variety of things to shoot both in town and around it.  And, the beach area in Antalya is incredibly photogenic too. You can get lovely shots of the town and its surroundings. Even the beach area is photogenic too. If you want more interesting clicks then you can visit the Dude falls, the Termessos ruins and the beachscapes as well. All the places are pretty cool for photography.

The beach in Antalya


Out of all the beaches and coastal areas that are present in Turkey, this is perhaps the best one. The place is absolutely stunning.  Moreover, beyond the beach right adjacent to town, there are lots of hidden gems and adventures in the area. You can also find a lot of adventure and gems around in here. While you are here, you need to check out the incredible Butterfly Valley. You can also take a ride up to the Babadag Mountain from where you can witness some mesmerizing views. Not to forget, even the lagoon is extremely beautiful and you can get some lovely clicks here.



This is by far the most popular and visited ruins in Turkey. The place is quite large and therefore, you can get plenty of things to capture in here. However, the only problem with this place is that you can shoot only during the daytime. That’s because of the opening hours of the place. This may be a bit challenging for the photographers. Also, you are not allowed to use a tripod at the site of the ruins. You need to keep all of these points in mind before, you visit this place for shooting.

Efes, Turkey

Chora Church

This medieval Byzantine Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora is one of the best places to be photographed. Today, the place has been turned into a museum which is home to some of the best and the oldest persevered Byzantine mosaics and frescoes in Turkey. This is a place which is totally worth a visit. This is the most instagrammable places in Istanbul, Turkey.

Chora Church, Turkey
So these are some of the best places in Turkey where you can take lovely photographs. If you are into world photography then you should totally mark Turkey in your list. Visit these beautiful places while on your trip to Turkey and click some of the stunning photographs you can. Missing out on these places will deprive you of the best photographs that you could click. Turkey is a paradise for all photographers in the world.

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