Most Beautiful Places In New York Tourist Attractions

In this article, we will venture off to New York City in America and discuss the immense Most Beautiful Places it holds. We won't discuss the mainstream areas located within the busy compacted city like The Statue Of Liberty or The Empire State Building but will talk about the places no one has ever mentioned before. Despite the busy street places, New York is rich in natural beauty and landscape which people don't discuss often but don't worry we got your back, so let's get started!

Sodus Bay Lighthouse:

Sodus Bay Lighthouse
                                                     Photo credit: jmenard48 on / CC BY-SA 
Also known as the Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum, this lighthouse was built in 1824 on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Built for the guidance of the boats floating over the Great Lakes to the St Lawrence River. The Lighthouse suffered immense damage during the Civil War and was rebuilt into a museum and a tourist attraction. Tourists can now climb up the lighthouse and witness the great view lighthouse has to offer and how it would've felt like during the 1800s for the boats who used this lighthouse for guidance. Near the lighthouse was a 2 room house which used to host the family of the guy who would climb up every night to turn on the lights for the ships, though now the original house is gone it has become a place where couples can get married. The idea that you get married to the love of your life near a quiet blue lake with a lighthouse nearby is surely one of the tasks of many people's bucket lists.


The Sodus Bay Lighthouse is truly a great spot for tourists who want to see how a 19th Century lighthouse worked and it's history as well as a great place to get married, making it one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York.

Bannerman Castle:

Bannerman Castle
                                                    Photo credit: H.L.I.T. on Visual Hunt / CC BY 
Located in the Pollepel Island in the Hudson River lies the Bannerman Castle which used to be a military goods and weapons warehouse and is one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York. The island is covered with poison ivy, snakes and deer ticks plus reaching the island itself is a great struggle due to the strong waves, which would take hours of paddling by the canoe to get to the island making just reaching it an adventure. Only 40 people can visit this place by the boat and after reaching the island they are separated into two groups taken by guides to explore the island and the castle telling the tales of the days long gone and the castle's history. It's a great place to visit doesn't matter if you're alone, with your loved one or with friends and family. perfect for history enthusiasts visiting the ruins of the Bannerman Castle and hiking through the island is an unforgettable experience which must be on your bucket list if you're an adventure-loving traveler.


The historic ruins of the castles, the wilderness of the island and the struggle to reach the island make it a small adventure just to visit this place making it an important tourist attraction and one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York.

Stonecrop Gardens:

Stonecrop Gardens
                                                       Photo credit: on Visual Hunt / CC BY 
Situated in the Cold Spring, New York lies the Stonecrop Gardens housing a 15 acres land comprising of various gardens and plants. It has a collection of woodland gardens, water gardens, grass garden, alpine stone beds, cliff rock gardens, and an English-style flower garden. It plays a vital role in educating the youth about horticulture aesthetically and pleasingly. The garden is not crowded, is quiet and is a perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of hot coffee while blending in nature. It has a diverse number of plant species each known for its uniqueness and beauty. It is mostly visited by horticulture students and botany enthusiasts. The garden also houses several cats which increase the beauty of the display. You can also buy the plants you love and take them home and also learn more about their uses, features and their importance to our natural environment. If you're not a fan of botany or horticulture it's still a relaxing and soothing place where you can simply sit and enjoy a book in the fresh air.


The Stonecrop Gardens is not only a perfect place for plant lovers but also for everyone who would love to take a stroll in the natural beauty our world has to offer, sipping a coffee or enjoying a book while blending in with nature. Due to all these reasons, the Stonecrop Gardens is, without doubt, one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York.

Whiteface Mountain:

Whiteface Mountain
                                                      Photo credit: Christian Collins on Visualhunt / CC BY-SA
The Whiteface Mountain is one of the five biggest Mountain Peaks located in the New York State of United States. The summit of the Whiteface Mountains gives you a 360-degree panoramic view of the area around the mountains where you can even see glimpses of Canada, Vermont and even the skyscrapers in Montreal. The Whiteface Mountain is very popular for its steps of stairways made up of slippery and steep stones. The Stairway is 2 miles long and gives you a great experience just like that of walking on the Great Wall Of China. The Mountain also has an elevator, yes you heard it right, an elevator on the top of the mountain and also has a resting place, cafe and a gift shop where the tourists can rest before going more upwards into the wilderness of the mountains. The panoramic view from the top of the mountain is perfect for photography plus the weather on top is very cold so it is a perfect place to visit during the hot days of summers.


The classic stone-made stairway, the cold breezes at the top along with the panoramic view, the elevator and the cafe shops surely make visiting the Whiteface Mountains an unforgettable experience thus making it one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York.

Ausable Chasm:

Ausable Chasm
                                                     Photo credit: vwcampin on / CC BY
The Ausable Chasm Bridge is one of the oldest and biggest natural attractions located in Adirondacks. It is full of waterfalls and hiking trails, travelers can also enjoy biking,  tubing, rappelling, rafting. rock climbing, lantern tours, and many other Adventure Tasks. It also has many historic bridges. One of the historic Arch-Bridge purely made of steel, concrete, and stone built-in 1932-1933 over the Ausable River was the Rainbow Falls Route 9 Bridge connecting New York City  to Montreal. It is 222 feet long, 40 feet wide and with a span height of 45 feet and served for transportation as well as connection South to the North. The Ausable Chasm has many cafe's, motels, resting spots and gift shops around for travelers of all kinds. Visiting this natural place is best for adventurers as they can enjoy many sports as well as camping in this wilderness. 


Ausable Chasm is a perfect place for you if you're an adventurer traveling alone or with friends as it provides a wide variety of natural sports events and its historic bridges will ensure that you have a great time exploring the wilderness thus making it one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York.

Boldt Castle:

Boldt Castle
                                                                                  Photo credit: Michel_Rathwell on VisualHunt / CC BY
Built by George C. Boldt in the loving memory of his wife, The Boldt Castle is a major tourist attraction located in the Heart Island in the St Lawrence River. More than 300 carpenters, stonemasons, workers and artists laid the foundation of this six-story building housing 120 rooms comprising of tunnels, powerhouse, Italian gardens, drawbridge, and a dovecote. After the death of his beloved wife, Boldt stopped the construction of this castle and left it behind leaving the last mark of his love. The construction of this castle was later started by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority and it is now reconstructed in a tourist attraction showcasing to what lengths would a man go to leave behind the proof of his love. The place is perfect to visit with family, friends and especially with your special someone. Experience the amazing architecture of the Castle as you roam around it feeling the mix blend of love and pain which George C, Boldt has left behind.


It is truly a magnificent monument of love built by a man just like the Taj Mahal of India. It's a perfect place to hang around with your soulmate thus making it one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York.

Mushroom House:

Mushroom House
                                                                                 Photo credit: ell brown on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA
Current-time residence spot located in the town of  Perinton, New York is the Mushroom House designed after being inspired from the Queen's Anne's Lace in the early '70s and surely is one the Most Beautiful Places In New York. The house consists of 80-ton pods which rest on a concrete stern which are 14-20 feet long high above the ground. The whole house spreads across 4,168 square feet area and consists of living room, dining room, kitchen, and two of the pods act as sleeping areas, The whole house has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It is a popular tourist attraction where travelers can experience being a fairy or a smurf living in a mushroom house. The Mushroom house also gives it's travelers a historic knowledge on the area and the houses. The Mushroom house gives it's visitors a unique mystical experience when visiting these pods, you feel no less than a fairy wandering in the gardens of the fairyland.


The Mushroom House is a fine work of art and is worth visiting for couples as well as with friends and family giving you a unique fairylandish type vibes thus making it one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York.

Panama Rocks:

Panama Rocks
                                                                             Photo credit: Christian Collins on / CC BY-SA
Panama Rocks is an ancient forest located in the Chautauqua County of New York where you can experience the wilderness of planet earth in the form of towering rocks, narrow passageways, and small dark caves. The rock formations are half a mile long and 60 foot high giving you an adventurous hike infested with ferns, mosses, and lichens. Hiking trails are made along the park where people of all ages can enjoy a hike. Even Axe throwing is practiced there which you can enjoy shooting at the targets. Picnic tables are also available for the family where they can rest after a long hike in the wilderness. Panama Rocks is a perfect fit for an adventurer seeking thrills either alone or with a group of friends. It is a great family outing experience as you can walk, climb and hike the rocks and cherish the beauty our nature has to offer. 


Panama Rocks is one of the top-rated places and anyone can enjoy a great time there with their friends and family exploring the small caves, narrow passageways and rocks making it one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York. 

Robert H. Treman State Park:

Robert H. Treman State Park
                                                                                       Photo credit: vwcampin on Visual hunt / CC BY
Robert H. Treman State Park is a park full of the beauty of wilderness situated in Tompkins County, New York. It has a rugged canyon known as the  Enfield Glen which is its a main beautiful part of this park. It also has a pool which is fed by the stream of freshwaters where tourists can enjoy a swim. The trail where tourists can walk goes past the 12 waterfalls which also includes the 115 foot long Lucifer Falls. The best part of this park is that the maximum 2 pets are also allowed, yes! you can enjoy nature with your furries in this State Park. The waterfalls in this state park are truly mesmerizing and worth of sightseeing. It is perfect to visit this place during summers to have a chill time while swimming in the freshwater streams under the waterfall. The natural swimming pool is guarded with lifeguards thus making this place more favorable and secure to have a great summer splash.


The Robert H. Treman State Park is a perfect place to visit during the hot summer days where you can enjoy the chilled waters and beat the heat with your friends and family making this State Park one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York,

Taughannock Falls State Park:

Taughannock Falls State Park
                                                                              Photo credit: vwcampin on Visual hunt / CC BY
Situated in the Tompkins County, New York spreading 3 kilometers wide in diameter is the Taughannock Falls State Park named after and known for the Taughannock Falls, a 215-foot long waterfall that is the highest single-drop waterfall located in the east-side of the Rocky Mountains. There are several places around the waterfall where you can take extraordinary pictures of this extraordinary waterfall and take them home as a memento. This waterfall is also accessible by car but only up to the parking lot which is more than enough to go, from there you can hike to the waterfall and experience, it's beauty. It can get busy and crowded in summers, visiting it during the April time is the best as at that time the place is quiet and comforting thus you can sit back, relax and appreciate the beauty of nature which took millions of years to form.


This waterfall is best for hikers and tourists as well as adventurers who want to admire the scenic beauty of nature at it's best thus making this popular tourist attraction one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York.

Triphammer Falls:

Triphammer Falls
                                                                                          Photo credit: Kyle Hartshorn on / CC BY
Located in the Itchica City of New York is an urban waterfall called the Triphammer Falls on Cornell University with an abandoned powerhouse at its base. Situated right at the center of the city this waterfall is the most unique waterfall of the many waterfalls in the Falls Creek. It is a 55 feet high waterfall with multiple streams following downhill. Opened around the year from dusk till dawn the visit to this place is free of any cost and pets like dogs are also allowed in this tourist attraction though swimming is prohibited. It has an easy trail to walk both for the physically fit and disabled. Tourists can also roam around the campus sighting this natural beauty created by our planet earth, it can also be seen from the bridge above the river near the campus, truly a magnificent sight to see. It's a great place to sit back, relax and listen quietly to the water gushing downstream and birds chirping calming you down after an exhausting day. 


Anyone can visit this great waterfall and it's on the budget for students as visiting this site is free of all costs and you can have a great time just cherishing the beauty our nature has to offer to make this waterfall one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York.

Caumsett State Park:

Caumsett State Park
                                                           Photo credit: xiquinhosilva on VisualHunt / CC BY
A peninsula extending into the Long Island Sound in the village of Lloyd Harbor in New York is the Camsett State Park and one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York. This park is mainly a popular tourist attraction known for its bird habitat. The large part of the park is preserved for bird watching, playing polo, swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, cross- country skiing, jogging and nature trails which extend all over the meadows, marshlands, rocky shorelines and woodlands of the park. Nature Photography enthusiasts as well as people who simply love nature can enjoy a great time here doing photography of birds and natural meadows as well as studying and educating themselves about it. It also has a Polo Pony Barn which gives lessons to people interested in playing polo as well as horse riding. Though the park requires permits for Photography and other events can also be enjoyed here like wedding ceremony, engagements ceremony, birthday parties, and whatnot, the permits for these events are easily attainable. 


The Caumsett State Park has everything which a tourist and a local needs or wants allowing them to enjoy their favorite sports and events thus making it one of the Most Beautiful Places In New York. 

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