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Lithuania is a nation and the southernmost of Europe's Baltic expresses, a previous Soviet coalition country circumscribing Poland, Latvia, and Belarus. Its capital, Vilnius,
Lithuania became the first nation in the Soviet Republic to leave the USSR in 1990 and from that point forward has been attempting to restore itself in its own privilege from that point forward. There are numerous relics of the Soviet time frame, for example, shelters and historical centers, yet you will likewise locate a ton more in this nation including excellent places of worship, religious communities, and royal residences.
visit Lithuania: Lithuania is a delightful country with swaths of evergreen and birch woodlands, blue lakes and streams, and adorable residential areas. Towns around the nation have the motivation to pull in guests because of their spas, castles, and unblemished nature. Read on to design your trip to Lithuania's most lovely towns.

Places to Travel in Lithuania.

 Trakai Island Castle |Picture of the Country Standing|

places to visit Trakai Island Castle
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Trakai Island Castle is a lake resort and historically imperative city that only a short prepare ride from Vilnius, makes a decent day trip on the off chance that you are hoping to escape town.
Trakai is a well-known goal for sightseers and local people alike because of its mind-blowing red brick castle located on an island in a lake.
There are knights in protective layer rivalries and other sensational occasions like the organizing of the Pilenai musical show. Trakai Historical National Park will leave guests feeling like they've returned in time.

Gate of Dawn |Oldest Piece of Vilnius|

Gate of Dawn
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The Gate of Dawn is a bit of the important dividers of the limit of Vilnius which date from the medieval period.In the seasons of old, the dividers would have had nine assorted area centers which would have been separate with a photograph of the Virgin Mary as a favorable circumstances picture to guarantee the city. The divider was attacked by Russia in 1799 and its larger part was crushed beside the Gate of Dawn which can regardless be seen up 'til the present time.
One of the best vacationer locales. All around reestablished and intriguing blend of religion and city protection that I have not found in another piece of Europe. In the event that you stroll on a couple of squares, you can see intriguing road craftsmanship at Pylimo Galerija.
One of the old city doors. vicinity of affection of holy Mother work inside. Heavenly Mother's symbol has their own history. Furthermore, it makes supernatural occurrences in people life till today.

kaunas |city of culture|

           Photo credit: Guillaume Speurt on Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

Kaunas is the second biggest city in Lithuania and sits at the point where the superb Neris and Nemunas streams combine. It flaunts memorable and socially rich attractions, There are over 40 housed and additionally a Beautiful Old Town territory,St. Michael the Archangel's Church also in the city and in addition the flawlessly reestablished Kaunas Castle, and Many of the buildings located here.

Siauliai Slope of Million Crosses

Siauliai Slope of Million Crosses
       Photo credit: globetrotter_rodrigo on / CC BY-NC-ND

This place had a fascinating and piercing history, The Hill of Crosses is additionally a remembrance for the individuals who have died. Here you will discover a huge number of various kinds of crosses that incorporate little crosses and in addition, vast crosses produced using metal and wood. Numerous individuals convey across to leave here, some bearing the names of relatives, some bearing names of friends and family to be recalled after death.

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