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Sydney Opera House, Among all the tourists attractions in Sydney, The magnificent Opera House is the shining star, perched on benne long point, along of land protruding into Sydney Harbours, this Unesco World Heritage Site comprises a complex of roofs shaped like huge shells or billowing sails that blent beautiful bully with its waterfront location the glistening harbor surrounds it on three sides and the palm-studded Royal Botanic Gardens border to the south.

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Much more than an Opera House, the structure encompasses theaters, studios, a concert hall, rehearsal, and reception rooms, restaurants and a spectacular open-air fore court overlooking the harbor and city. American architect Louis Kahn once said, "The sun did not know how beautiful its light was until it was reflected off this building".
Today visitors can admire the buildings great beauty and learns about its turbulent history.

History Of Sydney Opera House

This much-commended global symbol has a rough past, In 1957,, the Government selected Bennelong point for a cultural center and launched an international competition for its design. Danish architect, Jorn Utzon emerged as the winner, but from the outset, the project was fraught with controversy. Technical problems arose, delaying construction and costs mounted, in 1966, the architect is appointed and disillusioned, withdrew from the project and left the country.
The Opera House was finally completed ten years later than planned, the cost of the building, originally estimated at 10 million, had multiplied tenfold, but the money was raised by a series of Opera House lotteries,  In October 20, 1973 the Queen officially opened the building to the public. Utzon did not attend the ceremony and  his name was never made to reference .
In 1999, the Sydney Opera House trust and NSW Government spearheaded a reconciliation with Utzon and encouraged him to submit a set of design principles to guide further work on the building, In 2004 a year after the Opera House celebrates its 30th birthday, The NSW premier opened the newly refurbished reception hall, a collaboration of the inspired Danish architect and renamed it the Utzon Room  in his respect, the first authentic Utzon interior in the building is in this room.
After 2004, Utzon collaborated with his architect son on several other building improvements the most significant was The colonnade. which opened up the common anterooms of the Playhouse, The studio and Drama Theatre, with large windows and glass doors so visitors can enjoy harbor views from these areas.

Queen Elizabeth opened the project in 2006, formally recognized the talented Utzon for his incredible vision, unfortunately, he was too old at the time to travel to Sydney for the ceremony.

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