Why Finland is Called to the Miracle of Nature!

Finland, where I live in my home country, but that is just a small portion of the places where I can go. We hear different things, We see different things, but we never actually experienced them. It's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times, of the places I want to visit in my life. Finland is one of them, officially the Republic of Finland is a country in Northern Europe bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland, between Norway to the North, Sweden to the northwest and Russia to the east. Its a country or you might say, Miracle of Nature. A place to spend your lazy days, a world to wonder about.
you can write tons of books on Finland, on its wonderous nature, mesmerizing and unmatch for its beauty is a world-class summary, something you can read very often. I like to wonder about it, the places in the world, how they are actually, how does it feel to be immersed in them. Due to a shortage of words, I would summarize the mesmerizing beauty of Finland to a few tourist places which are a center of great attraction and they should be.

I would start to talk about Finland by explaining.


places to visit in Finland
                                              Photo credit: villoks on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-SA

Levi with so much unspoiled landscapes, Finland is a nature-loving destination, Levi is the best place for outdoors enthusiasts, winter resorts of Levi is the best pick for fun, located in Finnish Lapland, Levi,s boasts miles of trails for skiing and snowboarding, you can also enjoy reindeer safaris, relaxing in large outdoor saunas. A night in Levi is like a dream come true.


Kemi, which is best known for pulp mills, well industrially, however for travellers Kemi is best known for its iconic Snow castle, this castle is built yearly and serve as a venue for weddings and live musical performances, Kemi also has a bustling nightlife scene and the destination where you can board the Arctic icebreaker tour that winds through the Arctic waters looking for amazing icy masses and mind-boggling views.

Kemi Snow Castle

Kemi Snow Castle
                                               Photo credit: Leo-setä on VisualHunt / CC BY


Porvoo is the second oldest town in Finland, A destination known for its unique and picturesque wooden homes. as you stroll through the streets of old Porvoo, you can see Landmarks is the 13th century, also touring the 11th century Porvoo Cathedral, exploring local art and heritage at Porvoo museum and indulging in local pastries and candies at Brumberg is a great way to pass time.

Town Hall

                                                 Photo credit: Thomas Gartz on Visual Hunt / CC BY


Helsinki is the capital of Finland, the most popular place to visit in Helsinki and also a place you don't want to miss, some of the main attraction include numerous churches in its region, three most important of which include Lutheran Cathedral, the church in the rock and the Uspenski Cathedral, the art deco architecture of Parliament House. Dozens of museum and galleries out of which the best one is National Museum of Finland, which does a great job in tracing Finnish history over time, all of this a small portion of the beauty I can explain about Finland.

Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral
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